Nguru reaping big from fish farming


Nguru Edward 64 started his fish farming project in 2000. He later received assistance from Operation Wealth Creation. Nguru is a fish farmer, rearing tilapia, and catfish.

He is a resident of Ogoo village, Adumi sub-county, Arua district. He is also interested in agro-forestry, he has tree nursery beds scattered all over his farm.

“When I started, I had a very small water pond of about 2×4 meters. I have been doing this work, but at some point, it became very difficult for me, and it’s at that time that the government came in to rescue me after seeing the kind of work I was doing,” Nguru recounts.

According to Joseph Kitamirike Joseph, Arua District Fisheries Officer, Nguru was practicing rudimentary fish farming, with no technical guidance, but with the potential to expand and commercialize his farming project.

“We saw his capability and we tried to extend his fish farming project, we supported him with feeds, as well as extension services,” Kitamirike said.

Victoria University

After signing up with OWC, Nguru was provided with 420 fish seedlings and feeds, he well-tended the former, sold the proceeds, empowering him to set up bigger and better fishponds.

“I put 420 fish seedlings in the pond and took care of it until they grew and I sold them. I used the money I got out of this to set up another bigger fish pond which I took care of and sold the proceeds and got some good money out of it.”

I set up another pond and the government offered me more support in the form of fish and feeds. I took care of it too and sold the proceeds that I used to set up a eucalyptus nursery bed which I sell to those that need to plant these trees,” Nguru said.

Nguru too registered success in the tree planting enterprise and was quickly selected by Uganda Coffee Development Authority (UCDA) as a nursery bed operator, to produce coffee seedlings.

Through fish farming alone, Nguru has been able to take care of his family, send four of his children to school, build a residential house, set up four, two-bedroomed rentals, and offer employment to 16 people at his farm.



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