Kadaga wants ministry & minister for creative artistes


Speaker Rebecca Kadaga on Tuesday received a petition from the National Union of Creative and Performing Artistes.

They are aggrieved about some laws and regulations that they say are hurting the music industry.

The artistes say they weren’t consulted as key stakeholders.

She noted that there is no Ministry directly concerned with the Artistes hence nobody owns them.


The creative and performing arts need a political head and a Commission so they know where to run to.

“I will forward their concerns to Parliament for action,” she noted.

The artistes say they weren’t consulted as key stakeholders.

Government was supposed to establish a Commission to guide the industry.

That Copyright Act is more than 15 years old now.

It is also true that the creative industry, as a sector, has no minister.

“On more than one occasion, I have received complaints from artistes, fashion designers, film actors, writers, etc– they don’t have a political head; and when they face problems in the industry, they don’t know where to go.”

Sometimes they go to KCCA; sometimes to the Ministry of Gender; sometimes they come to the Speaker.

Some instructions come from NEMA; others from KCCA; and UCC.

There is particular concern that the regulations recently issued by the Uganda Communications Commission, and which were laid before this House, contained very oppressive prescriptions, which Kadaga wants the committee of ICT to examine in the same way “we supported the Telecom sector to rectify the excesses that were embedded in the regulations”.

“I will be writing to H.E. the President to request that he appoints a minister for that sector.”

“I want to propose that the govt establishes a Ministry in charge of that sector so that there can be someone to speak for them in the Cabinet and also where they can go to solve their issues.”



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