CEC campaigns: Kadaga told of dark cities, stadiums woes


Over the weekend, Speaker Rebecca Kadaga had the opportunity to travel to various parts of the country and several issues were brought to her attention.

Fort Portal

There is a complaint that Umeme metres are defective and that they consume units at a very fast rate.

“I want to ask the Minister of Energy to look into the performance of those meters so that citizens can be advised,” she said.

Victoria University

“If they are defective, they should be withdrawn.”


Kadaga was informed that construction of Akii-bua stadium has not been completed.

The last works were done in 2017.

Equally, Buhinga stadium in Fort Portal has also not been completed.

“I want to interest the Minister of Education in this issue.”

West Nile

They continue to complain about power supply.

They say government gave them a city without electricity.

“I hope the Minister of Energy will come to Parliament and explain what is being done about it because this is a perennial complaint, which has not been resolved.”

Kadaga said she was exceedingly grateful to the NRM supporters for a very warm reception in Jinja (mwekaza), Mbale (mwanyala naabi) Sebei (takwenyo ) West Nile (awadifo ) Lira (apwoyo ) Acholi (afwoyo).

“Thanks to the NRM leadership in those areas for keeping the NRM support high.”

She also thanked the NRM supporters in the Tourism City and the rural areas of the Rwenzori and Bunyoro regions for the welcome and support for her candidature.

Kadaga was further rateful for the warm reception and massive endorsement by the district NRM branches of Greater Ankole and Greater Kigezi for my candidature for 2nd National Vice Chairperson of The NRM.

She was also glad to have the endorsement and support of colleagues Members of Parliament from across the political divide for the position of 2nd National Vice Chairperson (Female) of the NRM Central Executive Committee.



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