Inside new Gulu city developments


Gulu Municipality as one of the towns elevated to city status has in the most recent years witnessed policy and infrastructural developments.

On the policy side, according to George Aligech Lapir – President Gulu Municipal Development Forum, Gulu municipality comprises four divisions; Bar-dege, Laroo, Layibi, and Pece.

However, with the elevation of the town to city status, the divisions have since been merged to two; Laroo and Pece.

Furthermore, the Municipality Council resolved for any building plan to receive a stamp of approval, it must have designated parking space and must be storied.

Victoria University


Government of Uganda (Uganda Road Fund, and Uganda National Roads Authority) in partnership with the Uganda Support to Municipal Infrastructure Development (USMID) and Japan International Cooperation Agency have collectively tarmacked over 70 Km of road, in Gulu Municipality with state-of-the-art solar street lighting.

Construction of Gulu Logistics Hub is ongoing, it is an inland port designed with both rail and truck terminals.

Upon completion, the freight and logistics facility is expected to ease and reduce the cost of transportation of cargo for traders in northern Uganda and neighboring countries.

“So, this inland depot (Gulu Logistics hub) that we are having here is under construction; it will serve South Sudan, Eastern Congo, and part of North-Western Kenya,” said Lapir.


Due to the robust economic activity in Gulu Municipality Okwera Peter Onen, the former Speaker Gulu Municipal Council said that the Gulu municipality has a projection of local revenue of up to a tune of 4.7 billion, this is actually because of the increase to access to business.

Okwera added, “This year alone, Gulu municipality passed a budget of UGX 63billion for the FY 2020/21. USMID alone, we still have a budget of around 20 billion, this is to cater to roads”.



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