Besigye defends Bizonto, denies FDC turmoil

Kizza Besigye

Opposition figure Kizza Besigye has come to the defence of Bizonto Comedy Group that was arrested on allegations of spreading sectarianism.

Ssabakaki Simon Peter alias Akozonto akato, Ssewanja Julius alias Ssabazonto, Mbabali Merceli alias Giant zonto and Gold Kimatono aka Jjaja zonto were arrested Friday for claiming most government departments are headed by individuals from western Uganda.

“I like Bizontos because they address our national challenges with humour,” Besigye said in defence of the comedians.

“My frustration is not with the tribalists. My frustration is the Ugandans who allow it to happen.”

Victoria University

He went on: “If they arrested the Bizontos and we all went to where they are detained, they would be released immediately.”

According to Besigye, writing on social media that Bizontos have been arrested is not enough.

“You must do something to force their captors to release them.”

FDC woes

Besigye also used the opportunity to clarify on political events in Uganda laced with choreographed attacks against the Forum for Democratic Change, and his person- cultivating an impression that he is at the centre of what is going on in the FDC.

Besigye said he focuses on Uganda’s century old struggle for liberation and debunk the deliberate efforts by the NRM junta to depict FDC as a party in total disarray, complete meltdown and turmoil headed for extinction.

“I also emphasize the point that we have been making over and over again- that Uganda is a not a multiparty democracy; that Uganda doesn’t have a political party system running the state; that in fact, Uganda remains firmly under the control of a military junta.”

He also explained the role of ordinary people in fighting to free themselves against the participation of leaders whose interests are contrary to the desires of the people.



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