Kyalya seeks Shs695m for 2021 presidential bid

Maureen Kyalya

Former female presidential candidate Princess Maureen Kyalya has expressed interest in running again in 2021 presidential elections.

“I am the only female and financially disadvantaged candidate standing in the Uganda Presidential Elections 2021,” she said while opening up a fundraising campaign online.

“I am going up against 45 rich and middle class men of Uganda,” notes Kyalya on

She said none of them has the structural change manifesto, experience or ability to build an economically, politically and socially thriving Uganda as she does.

Victoria University

She said the Uganda Government has discriminated against and excluded women and vulnerable people challenging the 35-year NRM Government through financial elimination by demanding exorbitant nomination fees from candidates.

“£150,000 if raised will help me pay my nomination fee; finance the campaign trail over the next eight months period; it will enable me send a basic contact mobile phone in each of the elective villages in Uganda and most importantly fund and help capture the correct data on the Election Day for tallying, to block the cultural vote rigging system of the NRM Government.”

“I will start building a vote protection system with the very first help I get from the public on this platform to protect every single person who will be involved in the elections.”


She goes on: “Through our robust website, we will publish both total votes actually secured and total votes declared by the Electoral Commission for each and every single candidate to enable them run to court for redress if they have been rigged.”

According to Kyalya, the system will provide candidates of all parties with the evidence and data they need to claim their victory.

“I desperately need your help to achieve a positive change of Government in Uganda.”

Kyalya, who contested as an independent in 2016 general election garnered only 40,598 votes which represented 0.44% of the total electorate.

Kyalya who is in Brussels, Belgium will be contesting as a candidate for her political party that she will soon be launching.

Her party will use a slogan of “Preserve Uganda to shine in unity through justice”.



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