Museveni politicized Covid19 from start- Besigye


Opposition figure Kizza Besigye says the measures that have been put in place are meant to slow down the spread of COVID-19 but again, people can’t remain in the lockdown forever.

“Now that we have managed the numbers, what next?” he wondered Wednesday while appearing on NTV.

“We needed a plan that shows where we were and where we want to go. Where we were is scary because we haven’t invested in our health care system at all.”

Besigye said he was shocked to hear President Museveni saying that “we” now have 3,200 beds for people that will get infected with COVID-19.

Victoria University

This was funny because imagine that’s in comparison to Uganda’s 40m people, he noted.

On the issue of rent, Besigye said it was talked about casually but it doesn’t make sense.

“Imagine there is still rental tax and you expect landlords not to ask for rent or evict tenants, is that realistic?”

According to him, there should have been social workers ready to work because of the social challenges arising from the lockdown, things like rising cases of GBV.

“I don’t think this was thought about. We also need to look at how people will go back to work after the lockdown. How have we planned for different workplaces to still be rightful workplaces after COVID-19?”

Besigye said a state of emergency should have been declared and then, structures would have been created to manage it as a real pandemic that has caused a global crisis.

They politicised this right from the beginning- he locked down people without a plan and that’s why there was no partisanship in how things were done.

“If there was, Hon Francis Zaake wouldn’t have been arrested and tortured while NRM people distributed food and weren’t touched,” he said.



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