Museveni speaks on successor, not leaving power yet

Museveni speaks to NBS journalist Canary Mugume

President Museveni said he will not leave the struggle he started until it is finished.

“If the programme of the NRM isn’t yet finished, why are you worried about all of us contributing to finish,” he wondered in an interview with NBS television.

“Instead of looking at the program, you are saying these old men should go away. Look at the program of your future, me, I have no problem, I have a job but if the people of Uganda agree, I wouldn’t want to desert the struggle, when the big historic task is not achieved.”

Canary Mugume: Have you thought about a succession plan?

Victoria University

Museveni: The succession plan is on the Constitution. You vote every five years. There is no problem with succession. If I say am no longer running, the people of Uganda will vote.

He said the NRM has got many potential leaders because it is a party of unity.

It differed from DP and UPC which were stressing religion.

Museveni said he stopped playing football in 1966 because, at that time, the country was getting into problems.

“I was focusing more on the struggles of our politics than sports. I forgot about football and cricket, but if there is no virus, I can go back to some sports.”

From 1963, Museveni has been a follower of Mwalimu Nyerere.

He said Nyerere pushed for a united East Africa but he wasn’t listened to, they said he wanted to dominate East Africa.

“The old man died, went to heaven and you are the ones suffering from Coronavirus. You can’t coordinate the truck drivers.”

He added: “If you listened to Mwalimu, many of the problems would be avoided like the Burundi genocide, Idi Amin, these problems of Rwanda wouldn’t have happened.”



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