If constitution is dead, let’s bury it- Nyaketcho slams arrests, torture

Annet Nyaketcho

MPs have decried the growing trend of arresting, hastily charging and hauling of alleged curfew defaulters to Kitalya Prison and other prisons across the country.

Sadly, among the victims are physically disabled women in wheelchairs, MPs heard on Wednesday.

They asked the government to revisit this policy.

Speaker Rebecca Kadaga wondered why the government has to imprison individuals who fail to adhere to the curfew directive other than administering other alternative punishments especially PWDs.

Victoria University

This follows a concern raised by Erute North MP Hon Charles Angiro Gutamoi over the manner in which the police arrest people.

MP Margaret Muhanga said she witnessed police manhandling and arresting people who had opened their retail shops.

Their argument was the president’s address was in English and emphasized ‘whole sale’.

“Next address should be in English and Luganda and should be specific on who exactly have been unlocked,” she suggested.

Torture of MPs

He had earlier said failure by Government to pay the LDUs is to be blame for the brutality by some of the LDUs.

He notes that he has received complaints that some of the LDUs have not been paid since last year (2019) June.

The matter was amplified by MP Theodore Sekikubo who said that it was wrong for the security forces to torture Hon Francis Zaake to that extent.

Hon Nyaketcho said there is abuse of human rights in the detention centres around the country.

The Tororo North MP who was arrested after being found at incarcerated presidential hopeful Gen Henry Tumukunde’s home, says there are so many people in detention without trial.

“If an MP can be treated this way, what about the ordinary person?”

Nyaketcho said her family was first put under house arrest, her husband and brothers also rushed to CMI and tortured before being assaulted herself.

 “The policemen harassed me. I slept on the floor. They put my family under house arrest and a CID officer ordered us shot if we tried to leave.”

“If the constitution is dead, then let’s bury it. Is it fair Madam Speaker that I should be arrested and maltreated for supporting Gen Tumukunde?” she wondered.



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