Transport ban, schools & border closure remain

President Museveni

“Our survival core strategy is closing,” President Museveni said on Monday while announcing an extension of the lockdown by two weeks.

“There are some sectors we closed and we didn’t collapse. Agriculture, factories, construction, cargo transport, essential services in opening up, we start with measures that consolidate these,” he noted.

Museveni said the airport and borders will remain closed due to high infections abroad.

He urges farmers that were supplying hotels that depended on tourism, to broaden their enterprises not to just depend on fresh consumption of their products.

Victoria University

He said the risks are too high for students to return to school.

Most schools are day schools and students would need public transport, for boarding schools, the dormitories are crowded.

Museveni is more comfortable with students staying home for a term or even a year than risk them back.

Museveni says public and private transport not yet allowed.

Essential services employers are allowed to hire a bus for their staff to and from home because they can be followed.

Other essential workers that can’t be bussed are advised to cycle or walk.

Schools, places of worship, public and private transport and other measures will remain in place for the next 14 days.



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