Police kills SMG-wielding thug in Kasangati


Police in Kasangati have killed a thug who had attacked one of the residents in Manyangwa.

Its alleged that on the 30/4/2020 at around 23:30 hours, Police received a distress call from One Twinamatsiko Wilber that thugs had attacked his home and where armed with Pangas, Pit axe and a rifle.

The OC Manyangwa Police post, IP Ampadde Dan and his team immediately responded to the call.

When they reached the area, they monitored and analysed the situation within the location and the home.

They noticed one of the thugs at home holding an SMG rifle but seemed to be guarding his colleagues who were inside looting.


When he noticed the officers, he started firing bullets towards the officers, according to Kampala Metropolitan Police Spokesperson SP Patrick Onyango.

Exchange of gunfire between the thugs and Police ensued.

In the process one thug was killed but others fled.

The thugs did not take any property.

The thug who was killed had no identification papers.

His body was taken to City mortuary Mulago for postmortem.

A team of detectives visited the scene, recorded statements from witnesses and recovered cartridges for analysis.

Investigations into the incident is ongoing to trace for the thugs to have them arrested.



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