Museveni: we’re manufacturing weapons, masks

Uganda’s first prototype army truck

President Museveni has said the country is making its own weapons and other things it requires as it shakes off adverse effects of coronavirus.

“On the side of shelter we are doing well, we are manufacturing our own cement,” Museveni said on Friday.

He was presiding over Labour Day celebrations at State House Entebbe.

“We are importing a lot of medicine and this is a lot of money.”

Victoria University

For defence weapons, Museveni said they have started manufacturing these and are going to rely on themselves.

“Our ancestors were making spears and arrows, they weren’t importing them.”

“Very soon we may require people to put on masks, companies like Nytil are already making these.”

He said by giving jobs to Ugandans, government is going to change the economy of Uganda from being dependent to independent.

This business of laying off workers is not a good idea, things are going to change, he noted.

Museveni said because the Europeans are laying off people, the same is happening here.

“Why don’t you just send people on leave without pay, they will understand.”



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