I’m not panicking over coronavirus- Museveni

President Museveni presiding over Labour Day celebrations at State House Entebbe

President Museveni has officiated at the International Workers Day celebrations at State House Entebbe.

This event was supposed to happen in Mbarara, but due to prevailing situations, Museveni opted for ‘scientific’ Labour Day celebrations.

In his Friday address, President Museveni noted that there are five basic livelihood needs including; food, clothing, shelter, medicine, security and these are made possible through developed infrastructure.

Also crucial is health, education and spirituality, he noted.

Victoria University

He said there was a rumour that a Kenyan driver who died in Lacor Hospital died because of COVID19.

“It is not true and nobody has died from Coronavirus in Uganda.”

He said today is a day for labour and will talk about Coronavirus early next week.

“I am not part of the people panicking because of Coronavirus and I am not pessimistic,” Museveni stated.

He said the big challenge is not only health but also the economy.

According to him, the NRM believes that there are two types of economies:

The real economy and the economy of leisure and pleasure.

Museveni said some of these sectors like tourism, hotels, entertainment, bars, sports, music are economies of leisure and pleasure.

The real economy of survival and livelihood is not so vulnerable and that where there is war, food will be needed.

On the side of food, Museveni said there is a lot of potential for import substitution and export for example milk.

“One of my Indian friends who I had brought wasn’t processing milk for drinking but he was getting a protein out of it and using it for baby food, medicine and is getting a lot of money by exporting this.”



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