Security cracks on car stickers

CP Fred Enanga

The Joint Task Force has observed an increase in the flow of traffic on major roads and high ways, despite the restrictions on the movement of public and private vehicles as part of the measures against the spread of the corona virus in Uganda.

The public should know that the restrictions announced by H.E the President and the SOPs from the Ministry of Health were clear and permitted movement of vehicles under very essential and exceptional circumstances.

As a result, enforcement teams shall be stepping up patrols along various routes and intensifying screening processes at all check points to counter all forms of movements that are not essential during this period.

In addition, all motorists whose stickers are not linked to that particular category and those that are forged will be withdrawn and vehicles impounded.

Victoria University

Those who fail to comply will definitely have their travel plans disrupted amidst other probable sanctions.

The Operation shall continue for the next 18 days of the curfew and partial lockdown.

“We expect to handover all impounded motor vehicles once the partial lockdown is lifted,” said CP Fred Enanga, police spokesperson.

“We would also like to also use this opportunity to inform all shop owners dealing in non-essential items, and all those persons violating the ban on public gatherings and proper hygiene that their behaviours risk the safety of all Ugandans including their families.”

“Our task teams shall not tolerate all acts of none compliance to the directives and guidelines on health and safety. We have meanwhile dispatched our teams of CLOs and Political Commissars who will continue engaging the public to help them understand the gravity of Covid 19. We call upon all Ugandans to remain vigilant and adhere to social distancing regulations.”



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