Kadaga welcomes motion on salary cuts

Speaker Kadaga

Speaker Rebecca Kadaga is open to discussing a motion to cut members’ salaries should any bring it to the house.

On MPs sacrificing their pay to facilitate the population, Kadaga Wednesday said MPs have paid over Shs1bn for the cancer ward in Nsambya Hospital. “We have contributed millions to the Uganda Cranes,” she said while appearing on NBS television.

“If they bring such a motion to cut down on our salaries, we shall look at it. We shall consider it.”

Kadaga said there will be a need for a stimulus to wake up the economy because businesses are down and that people are not earning.

Victoria University

Relief food

Kadaga said parliament had not initially agreed to the distribution of food because we did not know the criteria.

The excuse they were giving was that the Kampala people have been affected by the lockdown.

“How about the taxi drivers in Jinja and Gulu? Every town in this country is affected because we have these jobs distracted across the country,” she pointed out.

They did not want to listen, they wanted to spend the money, Kadaga said.

She said with this decision, they are undermining the population because they have no plans to distribute the food elsewhere apart from Kampala and Wakiso.

“I suspect they wanted to solve someone’s financial problem. In the instructions and guidelines, there is a need for clarity.”


She said while the president said riding bicycles was okay but security people are stopping people with bicycles.

“I empathise with conditions they are facing but we have a big enemy to fight. Don’t breach the curfew. Stay at home. Abide by the regulations until we complete the next 21 days. Keep calm.”

“One of the things we shall benefit from the COVID19 campaign is public health. Washing hands will become normal.”

“We need to support our health system because people are still dying because from other diseases. Going forward, we have to make sure we have isolation facilities present so that when something happens, we just swing into action. We need to plan better for the future.”

For the monies being donated, Kadaga said they shall need accountability.

“We should arrange to support the health system and buy more equipment. bout the gaps that need to be fixed, we need more scrutiny at the land border points.”

“I think we are focusing so much on the airport and forget we have porous borders. We need to improve the tracking systems.”

Virtual parliament

It is easy to say members run a virtual parliament but one needs to prepare for it, Kadaga explained on why she isn’t holding online sessions.

“How do you carry out a conversation with 400 people simultaneously? We are thinking of a solution to make sure more members are involved.”

She said if the COVID19 pandemic continues, business will be interrupted.

The government should invest something to make sure local entrepreneurs continue with their work.

On Ugandans in China, Kadaga said cabinet is meeting on Monday.

“I’ve received emails from various Ugandans outside the country. We want to ensure that their rights are not violated wherever they are.”

On amending the NSSF law because of COVID19, she said there’s the argument that people should access their savings before 50 years.

“What’s the point of me saving money and I die; and other people use it. I’m hungry now. This is something we need to discuss as Parliament.”



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