Mogul Alam accused of destroying ISO boss Mugenyi farm

The destroyed plantation

Over the weekend, a group of people attacked the farm of Internal Security Organisation [ISO] deputy director Arthur Mugenyi in Kassanda district and destroyed it.

SP Latif Zaake, Wamala Regional Police Commander, says three people, employed by Mugenyi were injured in the attack.

Kassanda South constituency MP Simeo Nsubuga said a case has since been lodged at police which commenced investigations.

This is his story:

Victoria University

As we are in the quarantine to prevent the spread of covid19, Last night over 60 workers/kanyamas of Abid Alarm an Indian investor attacked the farm of Mr. Mugyenyi Arthur who is a resident of Bukoba village, Nalutuntu  Parish, Nalutuntu Sub-County in Kassanda South Constituency.

During the attack they cut the head of Mr. Kyabale Samuel the cattle keeper of Mr. Mugyenyi, gang raped his  wife infront of  the children and the husband, destroyed two houses, cut a 3 acres Banana Plantation, took away 200 cows and 50 goats as you can see the pictures.

Before this incident happened, Abid Alarm, his son and his kanyamas spent the whole of Saturday 04/4/2020 at  the farm planning on how to commit these crimes and he left that place at 6pm.

This is not the first time that these serious crimes have been committed against my people.

Last year alone about 3 people were killed in Bukoba and Bukompe villages by workers of Abid Alarm, some suspects were arrested and later were set free due to corrupt tendencies.

As the Area MP, together with my voters we have tried our level best to report these  matters to relevant authorities, we reported to police and several cases files have been opened but none has been successful prosecuted.

I have advised my people to go courts of law and open up civil suits against Abid Alarm and there over 5 cases in Mubende High court and Kampala high court (land division) involving Abid Alarm and in fact Mr. Mugyenyi Arthur took him to court and secured a court injunction stopping Abid Alarm from entering into his land, we have reported him to Bamugemeirere Commission of inquiry.

I have reported him to the Rt. Hon. Speaker of Parliament and presented the matter on the floor of Parliament and lastly I have reported Abid Alarm to H.E President of the Republic of Uganda and submitted written reports but nothing has been done on him, the man continue to kill our people with impunity.

In this particular incident of Saturday night, it was commanded by one of his managers by names of Akim Zirimenya, he has been in police cells on charges of murder and he was released on Police Bond about 3 weeks and Abid Alarm was his surety.

As People’s representative I will continue to use all the available legal avenues to expose the criminal acts of Abid Alarm and his workers/kanyamas against my people and I call upon the security organs of this country to ensure that this time around Abid Alarm and his agents are charged in courts of law.

Abid denies

Abid claims the ISO deputy director has been acting in the name of president Museveni to frustrate him and deploy security forces on Abid Alam’s private property contrary of the law.

They are locked in a 13-acre land row in areas of Bukoba, Kakungubwe sub-county.

The case is in Mubende High Court.

Justice Faith Mwondha in a recent ruling granted Alam ownership of the disputed land.



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