Lodges, malls, arcades, stores closed


President Museveni has ordered lodges, shopping malls, arcades, garages and salons closed to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Salons, lodges and garages should also be closed from April 1st for 14 days, he announced on Monday.  

“All non-food stores should also close, only food and drug shops should remain open but should not be congested or you could instead adopt the model of home delivery,” he said.

Shopping malls are suspended starting on April 1st 2020, for 14 days.

Victoria University

Only food shops selling agricultural inputs, veterinary inputs, selling detergents and pharmaceuticals should remain open.

Established food markets in Kampala and other towns should continue to be open.

However a distance of 4 metres between seller and buyer and buyer and buyer should be observed.

“The buyers shouldn’t go home, because you do not know what has happened at their home.” The supermarkets should remain open but with clear SOPs, and restrict the number of people that enter at a given time.”



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