Arrest politicians seeking cheap popularity- Museveni

President Museveni

President Museveni has banned gathering of more than five people and ordered the arrest of politicians seeking cheap popularity.

“Gatherings of not more than five people will be allowed,” President Museveni announced on Monday.

“Any politician who gives out food seeking cheap popularity will be arrested and charged for attempted murder,” Museveni explained.

He added: “When they give out food, many people gather around them and this could increase the spread of the virus.” –

Victoria University

Museveni also said those trying to take patients to the hospital must also stop.

“If they have money to contribute, let them bring the money to the task force to be used in a planned way,” he noted.

“If you have money, bring it to the task force so that it can be used in a planned way instead of you going to gather people who can get infected in the process,” he clarified.



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