COVID19: 112,037 recovered, 19,786 dead & 3 billion under lockdown world wide

Workers manufacture hand sanitizer at a factory in Hanoi on February 14, 2020 amid concerns of the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak.

By Agencies

At least 112,037 coronavirus patients have recovered globally, according to worldometer statistics.

World Economic Forum, reports that provisional research from Germany has suggested that COVID-19 infectiousness in contrast to the 2003 SARS outbreak peaks early and recovering patients with mild symptoms become low-risk around 10 days after they first fall ill.

They further report that following four medical professionals treated at a Wuhan hospital, traces of the virus could persist in the body for up to two weeks after symptoms had vanished as the patients were no longer coughing or sneezing, the potential means of transmission were albeit much reduced.

Victoria University

Mail Online reports that since the outbreak began in December 2019, more than one-quarter of the 372,000 sickened people have recovered, according to a tracker from Johns Hopkins University Centre for Systems Science and Engineering.

According to Mail Online, in China, more than 81,000 cases have been confirmed and 72,819 have recovered – more than 90 percent.

Although Italy comes after China in terms of confirmed cases, it ranks third, behind Iran, in terms of number of recoveries.

It also maintains the highest number of deaths from the virus, almost double the number of people that died in China’s Hubei province according to World Economic Forum.

Globally 445,815 have been confirmed with coronavirus, 19,786 have died, while 112,037 have recovered according to worldometer statistics.

3 billion under lockdown

More than three billion people around the world are living under lockdown as governments step up their efforts against the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic which has left at least 21,000 people dead.

As the number of confirmed cases worldwide soared past 450,000, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres warned that only a concerted global effort can stop the spread of the virus.

In Spain, the number of fatalities surpassed those of China, where the novel coronavirus first emerged three months ago, making it the hardest-hit nation after Italy.

A total of 21,283 deaths have now been reported in 182 countries and territories.

Stock markets rebounded after the US Congress moved closer to passing a $2.2 trillion relief package to prop up a teetering US economy.

In Washington, President Donald Trump said New York, the epicentre of the US outbreak with over 30,000 cases, likely has a few “tough weeks” ahead but he would decide soon whether unaffected parts of the country can get back to work.



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