Bodas, buses, taxis defy Museveni transport ban

President Museveni dons a face mask

Some members of the public service sector have defied directives issued by President Museveni banning public transport.

In Kampala, boda Bodas continue to operate even after the president banned public transportation for 14 days to manage the spreading of COVID19.

Police in Fort Portal has arrested several boda boda cyclists who attempted to defy the president’s directive.

A boda boda ferrying a passenger in Kampala

The police in Nebbi have impounded a bus belonging to baby coach bus company for defying the presidents directive on public transport.

Victoria University

Taxi drivers on the Kagadi-Hoima road are now loading only 2 passengers were each has to pay sh50,000 for a distance of 95km, reports the state-run New Vision.

The passengers who can afford the tripled charges can still move.

Normally a passenger pays sh15,000 on this route.

Shortly before taking off to Moroto for state duties Thursday, President Museveni was seen donning a mask.

β€œIn the face of COVID-19, let us continue behaving cautiously, maintain social distance, wash hands as many times, and those sneezing please keep away from the public,” the president said.

 Yesterday he banned all public means of transport including; taxis, coasters, minibuses, buses, all passenger trains, tukutukus (tricycles) and boda bodas carrying passengers.

Old Taxi Park Kampala

The rationale is to minimise movement and contact among people, he said, adding that only private vehicles are allowed to operate and these should not have more than three passengers, including the driver, at any single time.

A section of Members of Parliament is asking the President to relax his directive on public transport advising that people should be left to exit the city before such drastic measures are implemented.



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