Kagame: we will overcome coronavirus too

President Kagame

Rwanda has registered its first COVID19 case.

As emphasized by others, panic in this situation does not help, said Rwanda President Paul Kagame.

He said focus and simple but effective measures are key to keeping each other and everyone safe.

Washing hands frequently, avoiding handshakes, practicing social distancing of at least 1m away from people, among others, the president urged.

Victoria University

“We urge everyone to follow the health guidelines (supported by science and best management practices.”

“As always, we will overcome these difficult times through solidarity and working together.”

Tweeting Saturday, Kagame said this will require the discipline Rwandans have always shown in confronting challenges and getting good results.

“As the world faces the COVID19 pandemic, our thoughts and prayers are with the victims, families and their loved ones. We wish strength to the health workers on the frontlines & quick recovery to all patients.”



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