It’s over: Tanasha calls Diamond ‘EAC husband’

Tanasha and Diamond

It is over between Kenyan radio personality Tanasha Donna and Tanzania Bongo Flava star Diamond Platnumz.

The presenter reportedly posted a poem on her Facebook page calling Diamond the “East Africa Community husband”.

She cited how he has children from Kenya [with herself], Tanzania [with the model Hamisa Mobeto and Wema Sepetu] and Uganda [with South Africa based socialite Zari Hassan].

Excerpt of the poem:

Victoria University

“The three or so years we have been together

Look like ten years in hell for me

I don’t believe I was sober when I said YES to you

For I didn’t know what I was saying yes to

You have siphoned the air out of my airbags and now I cross the border with almost flat tyres.”

Tanasha regretted not having consulted Wema Sepetu or Zari before putting live charcoal in her pocket.



“I wish I took time to unearth your stinking character, I have had to cope with your cheating habit, you fire at every skirt

I have even pretend to produce some useless songs with you

Just to avoid soiling or marriage in the eyes of the public

Hoping one day would mature up

And learn to keep your gun in one carrier

Unfortunately you are a useless bull that cannot be grazed

The east African community husband.”

The Citizen Tanzania quoted a similar Instagram post by Tanzania singer Rayvanny saying: “thank you for the children, we are done with East Africa where else do you want Simba to target.”

Tanasha and her baby

Facebook posts:

tanashadonnaMarch 2 at 9:59 AM: Men are trash. Shout out to all

Strong ladies out there. We go again

Tanasha Donna March 2 at 7:23 PM: Hearts are made to be broken.

March 4 at 11:22 AM: A narcissist is disrespectful, insensitive, controlling and disregards your feelings. Narcissists like to provoke negative emotions in others, People like this have no soul and humanity left in them. PURE EVIL. It is like dancing with the devil. Forgive them, walk away and let God deal with their karma.

tanashadonna March 4 at 11:10 PM: Mwanangu nitamlea vizuri. Diamond is a womanizer. Karma will bite him soon. Am safe in Nairobi. My people will always love me. NJ will be My King.

tanashadonna Yesterday at 9:20 AM [Thursday]: Divorce isn’t such a tragedy. A tragedy is staying in an unhappy marriage, teaching your children the wrong things about love. Nobody ever died of divorce.” – Jennifer Weiner

tanashadonna 3 hrs [Friday]: This hurts 💔 am ready to raise my son to be a good man. He will be a gentleman and he will treat all ladies with a respect. Be a role model for your kids always.



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