UPDF effectively killing off locusts- Rwamirama

UPDF soldiers spraying locusts

UPDF Maj Winston Agaba Monday led a team of 146 UPDF personnel at Nakichumet parish in Napak district to spray the locusts which had raided the area the previous night.

The spraying begun at 07:00am killing a huge number of them.

The exercise was also witnessed by the locals who could not hide their gratitude towards the UPDF team for the quick response.

Maj Agaba informed the people that this exercise will go on until the entire region is free of the destructive insects.

Victoria University

According to Minister Bright Rwamirama, the locusts have not spread to the whole country because “we are very effective”.

“They have not been able to lay eggs. Our neighbours have come to study how effective Uganda has been.”



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