Coronavirus: health ministry renews ‘no handshake’ calls


Kampala – 26 February 2020- Sections of social media have been awash with a number of posts alleging that ‘Coronavirus is in Uganda and a number of cases of the 2019 novel Coronavirus  (COVID-19) have been registered in various parts of the country.’

The Ministry of Health in a statement said these are false rumours that  are being spread with malicious intentions.

In the same vein, the Ministry of Health would like to reiterate as follows; to-date, Uganda has no suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19, the social media posts being circulated are baseless and false.

No Ugandan students from Wuhan City, China have returned since the lockdown was enforced, said the ministry spokesperson Emmanuel Ainebyona.

Victoria University

He said the Ministry of Health remains of high alert to identify any person who may develop signs and symptoms of COVID-19.

“Travellers from affected countries are provided with information on COVID-19, on where to report and seek care should they develop symptoms and put on self-isolation and followed up by our surveillance teams daily for 14 days.”

He advised the population to STOP shaking hands and regularly wash hands with soap and water.

“The Ministry of Health appeals to the general public to remain calm and vigilant and always verify information from the Ministry of Health. Please desist from spreading rumours and misinformation.”

“The public is also advised to report any suspected cases to the nearest health facility or call our toll-free lines on 0800-203-033 and 0800-100-066, and the following officers- Mr. Atek Kagirita- 0782 909 153, Dr. Allan Muruta- 0772 460 297 and Dr. Opar Benard- 0772 469 323.”



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