Zaake narrates ‘how police killed’ Dan Kyeyune

Bobi Wine and Zaake lead a procession

By MP Zaake Francis Butebi

Yesterday, we travelled without incident to Katera, Kiboga District to bury People Power supporter Ritah Nabukenya who was knocked dead in Nakawa by a Police patrol on Monday morning.

On our way back, we travelled peacefully without incident in a convoy of about 50 cars through Busunju, Kakiri, Wakiso and other major towns from Kiboga towards Kampala.

In each town and along the way, we met hundreds of ecstatic supporters gathered by the roadside, waiting to catch a glimpse of and wave to our leader Hon. Kyagulanyi Robert.

Victoria University

A team of self-mobilized young men and women kept by the sides of our vehicles guiding traffic, keeping supporters out of the road and generally maintaining the safety of everyone involved.

Zaake and Bobi Wine

Because of the organisation and discipline we demonstrated, we met police and traffic officers in several spots along the way but they did not interfere with our journey.

It is when we approached Nansana Town at around 8PM, with several supporters guiding us through while chanting People Power slogans and singing Hon. Kyagulanyi’s songs, that all hell broke loose.

Out of nowhere, a joint team of gun-wielding Police and LDU officers mixed with the crowd of supporters outside our vehicles.

The gunmen started clobbering our supporters, sending the crowd in disarray and paralysing traffic as everyone fled for their life.

In the ensuing confusion, I noticed that the LDU officers were holding their guns in a horizontal manner, and kept shooting live bullets at close range just above people’s heads as policemen fired teargas.

It is then, just a few meters from the vehicle in which Hon. Kyagulanyi and I were travelling, that I saw one of our supporters dropping on the ground, with a bullet wound above his right eye gushing blood.

Bobi Wine lays a wreath at Nabukenya’s casket

Hon. Kyagulanyi and I were immediately evacuated by supporters from our vehicle and rushed away to safety.

A few minutes later, I learnt that the young man identified as Kyeyune Dan had died at the scene.

In a video now circulating on social media, Dan’s lifeless body can be seen being dragged by policemen from the ground and shoved under the seat of a waiting police patrol truck No. UP 2570.

The patrol then speeds away into traffic as its trigger-happy, trigger-hungry occupants continue firing live bullets. Dan’s body is currently at Mulago Hospital mortuary.

Several other supporters escaped with gunshot wounds, and there are unconfirmed reports that another victim of the shooting has also passed on.

There is no doubt in me that Dan’s murder was deliberate, considering the unprofessional and highhanded manner police and LDU officers treated the hitherto peaceful crowd of People Power supporters.

Nevertheless, just like they did with Ritah, Police is yet to acknowledge responsibility with the LDUs for this murder, and instead claims that an undisclosed officer was knocked by a motorist and is now in hospital.

Clearly, Mr. Museveni’s regime thinks that unleashing rogue and murderous militiamen on us will force us to reconsider our unprecedented opposition to his 30+ years of dictatorship. But that’s a miscalculation. With every People Power supporter murdered by Museveni’s regime, our resolve to continue the struggle grows even stronger.

We shall not relent until Museveni and his dictatorial regime are out of power!

Hon Zaake Butebi is the MP for Mityana Municipality



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