Makerere makes Ebola testing kit

Prof Ibingira

Makerere University College of Health Sciences has made an Ebola diagnostic testing device, ahead of the world health summit.

This was revealed by the Principal of Makerere College of Natural Sciences, Prof Charles Ibingira, while addressing press at Uganda Media Centre on Monday.

He said with the innovated Ebola testing kit, one will just use blood and the diagnostic kit to be able to know if he or she has the disease in few minutes.

Initially, government has been taking samples of Ebola to Uganda Virus Research Institute, which could also sometimes take them outside the country for testing.

Victoria University

Prof Ibingira said this could take a couple of weeks before results come out.

“But with the new kit, one will be able to know if he or she is positive instantly and we hope that this will save lives and reduce on the spread of the disease,” he added.

Prof Ibingira said they have confirmed the kit can work effectively.

However, they have submitted the financial implication of mass production of many kits to government, adding that the university needs about $100 (about Shs367b) for mass production of the kit.

“If they can avail us with the funds in the next 2020/2021 budget, we shall immediately set up the plant and start manufacturing the kits,” Prof Ibingira said.

He said they have applied for patient rights that give them sole ownership of the idea and production in the country.

The dates for the World Health Summit Regional Meeting in Kampala are set for April 27th and 28th 2020 at the Speke Resort & Munyonyo Commonwealth Resort.

Hosted by Makerere University, the 2020 World Health Summit Regional Meeting will be the first in Africa.

Join the international leaders and experts coming together to address the biggest challenges in global health — in the region and around the world.

Topics: The Health of the African Youth, Advancing Technology for Health in Africa, Global Health Security, Non-Communicable Diseases, Inter-Sectoral Action for Health and Universal Health Coverage.



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