No freedom without pain, Besigye extols Nyanzi

Besigye and Stella Nyanzi

Opposition figure Kizza Besigye has assured Ugandans that freedom can be fought for and won.

He was toasting to former Makerere researcher Stella Nyanzi who was released from Luzira prison on Thursday.

Besigye who is also the People’s Government President along with his Deputy President Erias Lukwago welcomed Nyanzi at PG headquarters in Nakasero, Kampala.

“Dr. Stella Nyanzi, you are most welcome back. Nyanzi’s Defiance actions, her sacrifice create a standard for people of Uganda who want freedom to know that freedom can be fought for and won,” Besigye said.

Victoria University

“And that we won’t get freedom without pain,” he added.

Besigye crowns Stella Nyanzi

According to Besigye, this is a very important lesson that in order to get freedom, Ugandans must sacrifice and endure some pain.

He said Nyanzi has endured a huge amount pain at a personal level because she has not been in prison alone; she has also been imprisoned in prison.

“You are defiant leader par excellence and I celebrate you today.”

Besigye also praised women for accepting to be on the frontline of liberation citing the case of Betty Nambooze, the Mukono Municipality MP, among others.

“I heartily congratulate Dr Stella Nyanzi for remaining firm and defiant against the callous NRM/M7 Junta until today, when the High Court has set her free!” he wrote on Tuesday.

After the ruling, she was again returned to Luzira prison, her home for the last one and a half years, to sign release papers.

“However, I’ve just got info that she’s now safely out of the Prison’s hands and being escorted by our veteran activists back home.”

Besigye added: “Whether you agree or disagree with what Stella does or says, you’ve to salute courage and spirit of struggle for what she believes in. She’s a passionate freedom fighter- unbwoggable!”

Bobi Wine lauds Nyanzi

People Power leader Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine also congratulated Nyanzi upon her court victory.

“…my sister, I am challenged by your boldness before a fearful despot; inspired by your courage in the face of storms of oppression, and encouraged by your optimism that Uganda will eventually be free.”

Stella Nyanzi

“As I watched you leave Luzira prison after 18 months, I could not have felt prouder to call you comrade! For your jailers expected you to come out broken, but you came out stronger.”

He added: “They thought you were crushed, but you came out even more resolved. Yes, the struggle is our life, and we shall certainly overcome!”



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