Lt Col Juma Seiko charged as shot victims nurse wounds

Juma Seiko

Lt Col Juma Seiko who shot eight to nine bullets at civilians has been charged with “unlawful wounding by shooting” and not “attempted murder”.

Luke Owoyesigire, the Kampala Metropolitan police deputy spokesperson,  told The Observer that “attempted murder” was a holding charge as full investigations were on-going.

“We have gathered evidence from the ground and taken statements from victims and we have just forwarded the file to the director of Public Prosecutions. Right now we are still waiting for his action,” Owoyesigire told The Observer.

Asked whether they have retrieved footage from the CCTV camera on Mambure road, Owoyesigire said that is not important because they have enough evidence on file.

Victoria University

Juko wounded three people in a road rage on Sunday afternoon – throwing a rather calm day on Mambure road in Kalerwe into total chaos.

Musa Zimula Kasirye, the 35-year-old victim, is still holed up on a hospital bed in Mulago with a bullet still stuck in his thigh near the groin area.

Ali Jjuuko, 45, the driver of the Canter lorry, Reg. No. UAF 293T, which allegedly scratched Juma Seiko’s black Toyota Alteza UBD 890H, underwent successful surgery on Monday at Mulago hospital.

Two bullets were removed from his right leg.

Jjuuko said he ran into Seiko while driving to Bwaise to see the lorry mechanic.

“As I approached Mambule road, I put on the car indicators because I wanted to turn towards Bwaise but all of a sudden a black Toyota Alteza tried to bypass me and it got scratched.”

Jjuuko said he stopped and parked his lorry on the pavement.

Juma Seiko pulled down his car window and Jjuuko quickly knelt and begged for forgiveness.

Seiko instead got out of the car with a hammer-shaped stick and started hitting Jjuuko on the shoulders, the back and all over his body until he dropped to the ground.

“As he was still beating me, people began to gather around and pleaded with him to stop since I was already on the ground but he didn’t listen. That is when I spotted a pistol around his waist.”

Jjuuko said his three-year-old son was in the lorry. When he saw Seiko vandalising his lorry, he said, he gathered some strength and got up to save his son.

When Seiko saw him walking towards the lorry, he thought Jjuuko wanted to fight. Seiko, Jjuuko said, pulled out his pistol and pointed it at him.

“When he pointed the gun at my chest, I hugged him so he wouldn’t have space to shoot me but out of fear, I suddenly let him go and he fell down. As I was running, he shot me twice in the leg and I fell to the ground. Hadn’t I hugged him, I think he would have shot me right in the chest,” he said.

Jjuuko added that Seiko fired about eight or nine bullets to disperse the crowd, which was charging towards him.

He was only saved by a policeman on a bike who quickly whisked him to Kawempe police station.

His driver had earlier sped off towards Gayaza road when he saw the crowd charging forward, leaving the colonel to his own devices.

Musa Zimula Kasirye

Jjuuko’s wife, Sidat Nakitende, who is attending to him at the hospital, said their three-year-old son who witnessed the whole incident is traumatised.

Musa Zimula Kasirye, 35, another victim of Seiko’s shooting rage, said he is a resident of Kazo-Angola and a bicycle rider on Mambure stage.

He was shot in the right thigh near the groin area.

Seiko says he shot in self-defence.

“I was heading to Gayaza road when a lorry, which wanted to turn knocked and destroyed my car’s side mirror. I got out of my car expecting him to apologise but he was unapologetic. I told him to pay for the damages because the mirror is worth two million shillings but he rudely replied that he will not pay for anything.”

Seiko said Jjuuko wanted to walk back to his lorry and run away.

He said when he tried to stop Jjuuko, he tore his T-shirt, hit him with a rock on the head and also bit his fingers.

Seiko couldn’t fathom how a man in his right senses could attack an armed army officer.

“As a way of self-defence, I shot a bullet in the air to scare him away but he instead came towards me and tried to wrestle me to the ground. I used my tactics as an army officer for protection and shot his leg,” Seiko added.

In 2016, two people were shot near his residence on Nakasero hill in Kampala.

The victims were Lamex Ogwang and Alfred Sembatya who were boda boda riders.

The two were dropping off Solomon Mugabi and David Ssenkubuge who were also injured.

Later, Seiko’s bodyguard who is also an ex-soldier, Alex Cherotich, was arrested and charged in court for murder and attempted murder.

Last year in September, he was convicted and sentenced to 35 years in Luzira prison.

Credit: The Observer



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