Airtel unveils live TV


Airtel Uganda has today launched a Live TV and Video on Demand (VOD) service offering a premium mix of local and international content sourced from some of the largest studios across the globe.

“It’s an honour to be here as we launch the new and exciting Airtel TV. This is a one-stop-shop for all your entertainment,” said Airtel Managing Director VG Somasekhar during the Thursday launch at Ndere Cultural Centre located along Kisaasi-Kira Road, Kampala.

From Uganda, one will get all the live TV, movies, music, and more and the content is free of charge.

VG Somasekhar

“All you need is a valid Airtel data bundle. If you are a movie producer, Airtel TV is a platform to reach millions of customers in Uganda and monetize your content,” VG Somasekhar explained.

Victoria University

He added: “For a consumer, we are giving you world-class easy entertainment at no cost. All this wouldn’t have been possible without the support from UCC and the support from the government. I want to thank you and our customers for consistent support.”

Commenting about the launch of Airtel TV, Matthew Nabwiso, an actor said “As filmmakers, distribution is one of our biggest challenges, we’ve been looking for platforms like these where we can showcase our content. Thank you, Airtel and we look forward to seeing how this will grow our industry.”

Matthew Nabwiso, an actor

Christine Mugimba, the Director of ICT and Research at Uganda Communications Commissions thanked Airtel for joining UCC in promoting local content and making yet another bold move to grow the entertainment industry in Uganda.

“We are confident that this will help Ugandan content producers get value for their effort. We are also hopeful that you will join us in protecting the intellectual property of the filmmakers which is one of our core goals. We are happy to be part of this exciting launch.”

Christine Mugimba, the Director of ICT and Research at Uganda Communications Commissions

Speaking at the launch, Remmie Kisakye the head Brand and Communications noted:

“Today we are launching a platform that will give you access to lots of Nigerian and Ugandan movies, drama and Live Television.”

She added: “This is in fulfilment of our commitment to making the lives of our customers better as well as giving filmmakers and actors a platform to showcase their content. Our appeal to you is that you don’t use Airtel TV while driving. We promise to continue making the platform better to suit your needs.”

Remmie Kisakye the head Brand and Communications

The event pulled some of Uganda’s best entertainers like the Nabwiso’s, Roger Mugisha, Nana Kagga, Sophie Gombya and more.

Download Airtel TV from Play Store or App store and enjoy access to movies, Live TV, music and more with no subscription required.



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