Tanzania MPs seek castration of paedophiles


By Daily Monitor

Legislators asked the government on Tuesday to stop a review of the laws with a view to issuing more serious punishments to rapists who target children.

They propose that instead of grilling such rapists in prison for 30 years, they should instead be castrated.

However, the Attorney General (AG), Prof Adelardus Kilangi turned down the request, saying doing so would be unconstitutional.

Victoria University

“Removing men’s testicles is a violation of the country’s constitutional clause 13 (6) that prevents a person from being tortured or undermining his dignity,” he said.

It was Special Seats MP Zainabu Katimba (CCM) who raised the question in Parliament on Tuesday February 4, 2020, asking the government to change punishment meted out against paedophiles from that of spending 30 years in jail to the removal of their testicles.

Government tasked

Ms Katimbi asked the government to explain why it does not castrate men, who sexually abuse young girls, saying that the existing punishment was not enough

The Minister for Justice and Constitutional Affairs, Dr Augustine Mahiga, explained that the punishment of spending 30 years in jail was enough.

However, Dr Mahiga suggested that if the Parliament was not satisfied with the existing punishment, it was wise for it to establish a new law.

Violation of constitution

Parliament chairperson Najma Giga, however, is against the AG’s statement, calling upon him to reconsider the issue, saying rapists were also violating the Constitution.

She said doing so was to protect one side.

However, the Minister for Health, Gender, the Elderly and Children, Ummy Mwalimu, said the responsibility of protecting children was in the hands of parents themselves, urging them not to escape from their responsibilities



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