Trap laid to send corrupt officials to Luzira

President Museveni addressing NRM delegates at Namboole

President Museveni has said he is already laying a trap to send all corrupt officials to Luzira Maximum Prison.

The President was Sunday presiding over NRM Liberation Day celebrations in Ibanda district.

He said the only problem with establishing factories is corrupt public servants who delay decision-making.

“I have asked investors to whisper to their ambassadors and we lay a trap and send them to Luzira.


He echoed the same message on Saturday while addressing the ruling NRM Party delegates conference at Namboole stadium.

He cited the issue of the stealing of Government drugs from Health Centres. 

“What are the GISOS doing?  There is a GISO in every Sub-County.  Why should the theft of drugs go on and the GISO is doing nothing about it?  How about the DPC?  How about the Sub-county Chief?” 

He said these are responsible for knowing and stopping these thefts and so is the CAO at the District.

Museveni and Janet

According to Museveni, corruption has become a big problem for the people.  Yet, it is easy to stop. 

“You saw what happened to the Officers in the Prime Minister’s Office.  They are all in jail.” 

He said there are some colluders who have been trying to help them to keep some of the money they stole. 

“We know who they are.  They will be netted.  We shall defeat the corruption, like we defeated the other challenges.”

He added: “I do not want to list all the other fellows accused of stealing because I do not want to be accused of going against the law of sub-judice – do not comment on matters that are in Court.”



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