Muntu given political award

Muntu receives the award from Pastor Sserwadda

Former army commander Mugisha Muntu has been awarded for his political tolerance and preaching non-violence.

Muntu, 61, is the founder and national coordinator of Alliance for National Transformation [ANT] party.

He received the award Sunday from Pastor Dr. Joseph Sserwadda who he joined and fellow Christians in worship at Victory Christian Centre Ndeeba.

During the service, Muntu had the honour of receiving an award for promoting the politics of tolerance and non-violence.

Victoria University

He said this award isn’t a result of individual effort.

“It comes on the backs of thousands of Ugandans I have had the honour of working with throughout my life.”

“It is a recognition of the hope of a nation; that we will sooner rather than later experience the peaceful transition of power. And that our politics shall change to focus on the led rather than the leaders.”

Muntu humbly received it on behalf of all Ugandans, home and abroad, that are doing whatever they can, in whatever way they know how, to make this dream a reality.

The award was originally given at the 18th Passover Festival on December 31, 2019.

Gregory Mugisha Muntuyera, commonly referred to as Mugisha Muntu, is a politician and retired military officer.

He was President of the Forum for Democratic Change, an opposition political party, from 2012 to 2017.



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