Amelia sure to end Kenya milk war

Amelia with NRM bigwigs at State House Entebbe

Trade Minister Amelia Kyambadde is hopeful that the milk war with Kenya will be settled not later than next week.

“The issue of milk has been a setback. We have already issued a letter to Kenya in protest,” she said Saturday at Namboole while attending NRM delegates conference.

“The president has had an engagement with Uhuru Kenyatta and we are sure by next week we shall have a solution.”

Kyambadde, through the Foreign Affairs Ministry, wrote to the Kenyan government to give an update and response within 14 days to release 23 tonnes of confiscated milk.

Victoria University

At the same time, 19 trucks carrying powered and UHT milk worth Shs1bn were returned to Uganda or diverted by Kenyan authorities.

Addressing the ruling NRM party top organ NEC Friday, Museveni said: “The other day I saw Kenya blocking our milk and i saw people here saying they will retaliate.”

“No, I won’t allow that, President Kenyatta is a good person and he is a business man. We need to deal with our people and explain to them that protectionism is not the right way.

Waking up

While addressing the delegates conference on Saturday, Museveni said today marks almost 61 years since he started his personal involvement in waking up the people in the west of the country from the state of life without income.

President Museveni says that there is high demand for Ugandan products.

He says there is a lot of demand in Iran, Egypt, Algeria and other countries, but the quality of the maize must meet the required standards to access these markets.

He says that the UK market is now open to Ugandan products provided they are of good quality and competitive prices.

He has called upon Ugandans to, therefore, give no excuses.



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