Dr Mugisha brings AfWA congress to Kampala

Dr Silver Mugisha

The African Water Association (AfWA), formerly known as Union of African Water Suppliers (UAWS), is a professional association of establishments, enterprises and utilities operating in the areas of drinking water, sanitation and environment in Africa.

AfWA has over 100 utilities members from over 40 countries across Africa.

As part of the mechanisms to enhance the exchange of ideas and recent developments in the water and sanitation sector, AfWA holds an International Congress and Exhibition every two years.

The last Congress (19th AfWA ICE) was held in Bamako, Mali in February, 2018.

Victoria University

At that Bamako Congress, the AfWA Executive Board selected Kampala-Uganda as the host for the next AfWA ICE 2020.

Invitation by Dr Eng. Silver Mugisha, Congress President and Managing Director – NWSC

Dear Friend,

On behalf of the organizing committee of the 20th African Water Association International Congress and Exhibition (AfWA ICE2020), it is my pleasure to invite you to AfWA ICE2020 which will be held in Kampala, Uganda: 24 – 27 February 2020. The AfWA ICE2020 congress will bring together thousands of water and sanitation professionals from across the globe. Kampala, fondly known as the green city in the sun, is also the commercial and administrative capital of Uganda the pearl of Africa. Spread over more than twenty hills, it is one of the fastest growing and peaceful cities in Africa.

Kampala will be at its best in February with warm weather, waiting for you to enjoy all its attractions.

We will give you a taste of these wonderful attractions during the social events and tours arranged for congress delegates. If you have ever considered visiting Uganda, we can offer you and your family many additional reasons to visit us.

The Local Organizing Committee has been preparing for the congress for several months and as a gesture of our ‘Ugandan’ hospitality, are inviting you for social evenings during the congress.

AfWA ICE2020 will be the largest water and sanitation event in Africa in 2020 and will therefore be a major attraction for regional and international visitors as well. We have made special efforts to get the best water and sanitation experts from all over the world to attend.

AfWA ICE2020 will include one of the biggest exhibition in AfWA’s history. We look forward to good attendances at the professional program, the exhibition and customized technical tours and workshops.

The congress will be held at the magnificent Kampala Serena International Conference Center. The conference center is conveniently located within close proximity to the central Business district and hotels within the area.

AfWA ICE2020 will offer an excellent opportunity to visit Kampala and Uganda and a good reason to combine the trip with some relaxation and the ‘True African’ experience.

Much will be happening between now and February 2020, so please keep visiting the AfWA ICE2020 congress website (www. afwa2020.org) and stay up to date with all the latest news, events and updates for AfWA ICE2020.

We look forward to meeting you for an experience of a life time in Kampala in February 2020.



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