Nantaba crosses to opposition side

Nantaba sitting on opposition side [New Vision photos]

The ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) leaning Independent Woman MP for Kayunga district, Idah Nantaba, shocked her colleagues on Tuesday when she “crossed to the opposition side” in parliament.

During plenary, Nantaba bypassed her NRM colleagues and went to sit with opposition MPs in the chambers.

Murmurs then run through the chambers as many wondered whether she is crossing over to the opposition or not.

Nantaba leads a chat

The troubled former state minister for Information Communication Technology (ICT) was dropped by President Museveni in a recent reshuffle.

Victoria University

Nantaba has been sitting on the ruling Party (NRM) side since her election to Parliament.

The state-run New Vision reported that one of the opposition MPs Roland Mugume (Rukungiri municipality, FDC) took to the floor to recognise Nantaba.

Nantaba sits with Mugume

He welcomed her back to Parliament after she had taken a break, following a declaration that her life was in danger.

She was also part of the opposition MPs who opted to sleep in the chambers citing increasing assassination attempts on their lives.

On Wednesday, when Parliament resumed its sittings, Nantaba was again seen occupying the same seat on the opposition side, where she had sat on Tuesday.

An Independent MP is allowed to sit on any side of the House but Nantaba’s choice of the opposition side in Parliament is more telling than meets the eye.



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