Video: Police beats FDC youth black & blue

The scene

A horror video is making rounds on social media showing police officers brutally beating a supporter of opposition Forum for Democratic Change [FDC].

Ronald Muhinda, an aide to opposition figure Kizza Besigye, said the incident happened in Soroti town on Monday.

“Men wearing Police uniform viciously attacking an FDC supporter in Soroti Town,” Muhinda noted.

FDC President Patrick Oboi Amuriat and National Youth Adeke Anna Ebaju were in the district to lead the celebrations in the district to make 15 years since founding of FDC.

Victoria University

“Can you imagine this level of provocation, brutality and aggression by police against unarmed citizens seeking only freedom?” Muhinda went on.

He added: “Oh God! Freedom shall come to our land and with it human dignity.”

The horror video shows officers kicking, slapping and gun-butting the helpless youth.

Trouble started when Amuriat tried to lead a procession across town.

Soroti District Police Commander (DPC), Jamada Wandera, blocked the procession and declared the gathering illegal saying FDC leadership in Soroti did not at one time approach his office informing them of the celebrations.

Amuriat and his team instead tried to address supporters in the middle of the road.

Police dispersed the gathering with rubber bullets and tear gas. The force towed Amuriat’s vehicle to Soroti Central Police where he was detained.

Also arrested were Tom Julius Ekudo and Kamuda LC3 Daniel Eigu. They were later released later in the night after six hours in detention.



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