Tinkasimiire labels Museveni ‘a mujahidin’

MP Tinkasimiire

Buyaga West MP Barnabas Tinkasimiire has described President Museveni as a mujahidin or mujahideen, the term for one engaged in Jihad.

Tinkasimiire who was Saturday appearing on Capital radio programme “The Capital Gang”, spoke against the decision of his ruling NRM party to lock them out of the upcoming delegates conference.

“You are right, it took the intervention of a learned friend to see us back to the conference,” he said in reference to an earlier incident sometime back.

“They were already in court for not inviting us to the conference and other NRM meetings.”

Victoria University

He then described President Museveni who is also his NRM party chairman as “a terrible mujahidin, I think he is the one who trains them”.

“Museveni deployed alot of money in an election against me. If you reached a level of locking me out of a delegates conference. This is going too far.”

Tinkasimiire said in the villages, there is no accountability for the 34 years President Museveni has been in power.

“Ofwono Opondo is the spokesperson of my party and the government. But he is speaking from the knowledge of ignorance.”

Bugweri County MP Abdu Katuntu who was appearing on the same show, wondered whether Ugandans are getting the quality of leaders they deserve.

Abdu Katuntu

“If you want any free talking person, Tinka is one of them. There are not very many honest politician.”

He went on: “What he is saying here, he can say it even president Museveni was here. Uganda should be proud of them. Tinka passed unopposed in an election.”

NRM and government spokesperson, Ofwono Opondo, said NRM does not think that any Ugandan is of low quality.

“We believe all individuals should be given an opportunity to serve. There are cases where NRM elections have been manipulated.”

He said Beatrice Anywar was cheated while Casiano Wadri was manipulated by FDC and that it is not only in NRM where elections are manipulated.

Ofwono Opondo

“When legal advise was given to us, I issued a formal statement saying all rebel MPs are invited for the party conference. I didn’t also agree with the position of my party because I know we can’t always agree on the same thing.”

He said NRM is not saying they have delivered on everything and that there are weaknesses but NRM is working to improve on all these.

“You cannot say NRM hasn’t delivered on anything. Are you now Tinka conceding that for the 15 years you have been in parliament you are a lame duck who cannot check government?”



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