Mbale, Buikwe FDC bosses arrested

FDC chairperson for Mbale Mrs Madanda being arrested

Police has Monday arrested the Forum for Democratic Change [FDC]  Chairperson for Mbale District, Mrs Margaret Wokuli Madanda.

She is currently detained at Mbale Central police station.

The party was planning to hold its 15th FDC anniversary in Mbale district.

“People of Mbale are not allowed to celebrate the FDC anniversary,” said FDC mobilisation secretary, Ingrid Turinawe.

Victoria University

“FDC is a registered Party and this impunity by Museveni and his security forces must stop,” the party said, condemning the arrest.

In Masindi, Turinawe said on Thursday that the Resident District Commissioner [RDC] told them they needed police’s permission to collect International Criminal Court [ICC] petition signatures.

Buikwe chairman arrested

In Buikwe, the FDC 15th anniversary celebration in Lugazi Buikwe district was disrupted by police and the district chairman Mr. Kanaabi Jimmy arrested.

Scuffle as Jimmy is being arrested

He is being held at Lugazi Central Police Station.

“The days of this junta are nearing an end, we have doubled the efforts, for double action,” the party said in a statement.

Mubende celebration dispersed

Police commanded by ASP Ssekalema Shaban, the OC Station, over the weekend blocked and dispersed an FDC leaders meeting that was organised at Gwaniika Village, Nabingola Sub County, Kasambya constituency at Home Land Organic Gardens.

Police blocking a road in Mubende

Deputy President Owek Joyce Nabbosa Ssebugwawo had led a delegation of leaders from Buganda Region including Vice Chairman Kibuka Mukalazi, Mrs. Ssebuwufu Harriet Nakiyemba the Ethics and Culture Secretary, Muzei Kalule Samuel Kiseyeye the Secretary for Elders, Mr. Kizito Livingston of the Security Committee among others to meet the local Party branch in Mubende in abid to reorganize the lower level structures.

Mrs Ssebugwawo being cornered by police

“Some elements in the security agencies continue to abuse the Ugandan Constitution by blocking the right to assemble by Ugandans in abid to protect the interests of a junta regime,” the party said.

It added: “We shall continue to defy all unlawful orders given to some of these junior naive Security Officers by the rogue regime.”



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