Mbarara woman caught stealing, undressed, led on naked ‘walk of shame’ across town

Atuhaire being marched acrs

A queer scenario was recorded in Mbarara town on Saturday when a woman caught stealing from a supermarket was undressed and marched to police.

The incident happened at Fresco Supermarket in the heart of Mbarara town.

A woman identified as Doreen Atuhaire, a resident of Alliance in Biafra slum.

She was caught red-handed shoplifting drinks and female accessories in the supermarket located along Bulemba, Kakoba road.


She hid the loot in her dress while being recorded on live camera live feeds installed in the supermarket.

When it was time to make her escape, Atuhaire found all supermarket staff at the exit patiently waiting for her.

Atuhaire and a security guard

A female security guard helped her empty the dress of all the stolen items.

She then led her on the “walk of shame” around town, amid cheering crowds, up to the police station where she was handed over to authorities.

Walk of shame

It took the sympathy of a Good Samaritan who threw her an overcoat to cover her Sodom and Gomorrah.  

Activists not amused

Human rights activists under Action for Development (ACFODE) came out to condemn the incident.

They say the management could have found a respectful way to punish the culprit.

They condemned the “inhumane punishment” and demanded that the supermarket staff apologise.

The last similar incident was recorded in Mbarara in 2014 when the mob assaulted and undressed a woman wearing a mini-skirt on Mbarara-Masaka road.



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