Mayinja graduates amid Museveni money gossip

Mayinja on his big day

Singer Ronald Mayinja has Friday graduated with a Bachelor’s degree of Arts in Social Sciences at Makerere University.  

This was the 4th session of 70th graduation ceremony of Makerere University where students from the College of Engineering, Design, Art and Technology (CEDAT), College of Humanities and Social Sciences (CHUSS) and the School of Law were being awarded degrees.

The director of Golden Band and former member of Eagles Production finally ended his education journey which he started in 2016.

Some claim his return to school is a political move the musician is yet to unveil.

Mayinja with fellow graduands
Victoria University

A week ago, Mayinja launched a Non-government Organisation (NGO) “Peace for all, All for Peace” to reunite Ugandans across the social divide.

Reports say he is eyeing his home district of Gomba MP seat come 2021.

Museveni money

A few days ago, events promoter Mukasa Bajjo took to social media claiming Mayinja received money from President alongside Catherine Kusasira, the Kampala Presidential Advisor, to frustrate Bobi Wine’s People Power Movement.

Bajjo claimed Mayinja would do this through his organisation.

“I don’t habitually get involved in issues that don’t tackle me, but I am here since Mayinja is misleading people after eating Museveni money.”

Bajjo said Mayinja knows that he can’t mediate for Ugandans and that the project ‘Peace For All, All For Peace’ was previously for promoters Yasin Kaweesi and a one Juma.

“Meanwhile, Yasin is an NRM supporter. He wanted to sell that project to President Museveni to form their association of which I didn’t know their main objectives. Once the matter worsened, these promoters notified me and I have documented about Mayinja and his hypocrisy.”

The promoter claimed Mayinja was given Shs2bn in the deal but they have so far received Shs600m since the deal involves “Catherine Kusasira, KT, Ronald Mayinja, Yasin was excluded, Balunywa, the spokesperson but he isn’t satisfied and Maureen”.

He went on: “My issue with Mayinja isn’t about money, what connects us is the concept ‘Peace For All, All For Peace’. We had sleepless nights and tiring days in meetings in Zzana and at hub hotel Bugoloobi. We had a committee of four people including Mr Lindo, the secretary, Mayinja the chairman…”

Mayinja speaks

Mayinja says his organisation is not a political party and doesn’t intend to use it to fight People Power.

“My NGO isn’t fighting people power and neither is it a political party. Its aims are similar to those of people power since we both fight for peace and unity. I want these people condemning me to bring evidence of meetings they’re saying we conducted and also meeting the president,” he told Spark TV.

“I have met President Museveni 3 times only; in Kyanamukaka when Hon. Edward Ssekandi was made Vice President & his people requested for Eagles Production and we went and performed, then in Kiboga and finally Serena at Kusasira’s show! All the meetings were public and in camera!” he explained.

Mayinja said those saying he met Museveni and got Shs600m should bring pictures for that meeting.  

“I repeat, my organisation is not political, so I don’t need your vote, your National ID etc. Bajjo is lucky because of one thing, he is stupid! If he wasn’t stupid, I was going to sue him!”



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