Museveni hails Mozambique as Nyusi is sworn in

President Nyusi being sworn in

As early as 4:45am (5:45am East African standard time) in Maputo, the sun was already giving daylight.

It was Wednesday, 15th January 2020 and most preparations were in place for the swearing in ceremony and inauguration of President Filipe Jacinto Nyusi that took place at the independence square in Maputo Town, Mozambique.

The visitors started arriving at 8am while heads of state and government reached the venue between 9am to 9:30am (10:30am East African standard time) of whom Uganda’s Vice President Edward Kiwanuka Ssekandi was among.

President Filipe Jacinto Nyusi sworn in.

The ceremony ended with President Filipe Jacinto Nyusi being sworn in.

Victoria University

He was handed instruments of power including a constitution, a symbolic key and a national flag.

Mozambique’s national motto is “A luta continua” – The struggle continues – was FRELIMO’s rallying cry, and soon became a popular slogan worldwide.

Its special power lay in its celebratory and consoling character: It could be uttered to seal a victory as well as to mark a setback, and to point people’s attention forward.

Other African leaders present

This motto was coined by the late Samora Machel and Eduardo Mondlane who are the founders of the FRELIMO Party in the Indian Ocean bordering country, to the East.

Nyusi meets Ssekandi

The Vice President Ssekandi held a meeting with the President elect Nyusi whom he met at Mozambique State House in the country’s capital of Maputo

During the meeting, Ssekandi also delivered a congratulatory message from President Yoweri Museveni to the President elect, his Government and the people of Mozambique wishing him a successful tenure of office with continued peace, progress and prosperity of the people of Mozambique.

VP Ssekandi addresses Press in Maputo

In the message, President Museveni also commended Mozambique for supporting Africa’s struggle towards self-rule and specifically appreciated Frelimo support of training Uganda’s fighters in the 70s saying Mozambique made a big contribution to the liberation of Uganda.

President Filipe said that Mozambique is the second home to Ugandans especially President Yoweri Museveni and he appreciated President Yoweri Museveni’s visit to Mozambique in 2018 which he said was a clear testimony of brotherhood of the two countries and also cemented a strong bond between their peoples.

President Nyusi said he will be visiting Uganda during his next tenure of office to further bolster the bilateral and mutual interests between the two countries.

Ssekandi meeting Nyusi

Speaking to the Press after the meeting, the Vice President said that the movement administration is grateful to the political and democratic mentorship given to the NRA/NRM activists that ushered in the peace in Uganda in 1986.

Ssekandi said that the training given to the Fronasa fighters prepared President Yoweri Museveni and to fight for the restoration of peace in Uganda and also support other countries in the Great lakes region and rest of Africa.

The Vice President commended the people of Mozambique for re- electing President Filipe Nyusi and the FRELIMO party during last October general elections saying the overwhelming support they gave him was a strong testimony of trust and confidence that the people have in his leadership resolve.

The meeting and press conference were attended by the Minister of Foreign of Mozambique Jose Pacheco, senior officials in the President’s Office of Mozambique.

Ssekandi is in the South East African Republic of Mozambique capital of Maputo to attend the swearing in ceremony of President Filipe Jacinto Nyusi, taking place on January 16th.

President Nyusi won his second term in office during last year’s general elections in October 2019.



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