Monusco visits ADF base, military plane catches fire

South African military plane caught fire in Congo

A joint mission of the Armed Forces of the DR Congo (FARDC) with the Force Intervention Brigade (FIB / MONUSCO) Wednesday visited Madina, Beni Province.

The MONUSCO visit in Simulike was to encourage the FARDC troops after the capture of ADF main base.

During the attack on this base, the Islamist rebels killed 30 government soldiers and wounded another 70, some seriously.

They suffered the losses during the latest offensive Thursday against the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF), in North Kivu province, Major Mak Hazukai told journalists Saturday.

MONUSCO and FARDC visit ADF rebel base
Victoria University

The army captured the ADF’s headquarters during the battle at Madina, and killed 40 rebel fighters, including five of their leaders, Hazukai added.

North Kivu sits on the border with Uganda. The ADF, rebels originally from Uganda, has been waging a campaign of violence in the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo for years.

Aircraft fire

Meanwhile, on landing in Goma, the left engine of a South African military aircraft carrying peacekeepers based in Beni caught fire.

The MONUSCO dispatched a rescue team which brought the fire under control.

It said all the passengers are safe and sound, no major injuries.

The incident happened on Monday last week.



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