Sudan army puts down security units mutiny

Sudan security forces

By Sudan Tribune

The Sudanese government forces managed, at dawn on Wednesday, to quell a mutiny carried out by forces of the General Intelligence Agency to protest the amount of the end-of-service compensation after the dissolution of the agency’s operations body.

On Tuesday at midday, security tension prevailed in the Sudanese capital Khartoum and the number of its suburbs, after heavy gunfire from the headquarters of the Operations Department of the General Intelligence Agency, as its personnel closed the adjacent roads.

The same situation occurred in different sites of the operations forces in Khartoum and suburbs and also, the capital of North Darfur, El-Obaid.

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Following what, the Sudanese army and the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) besieged the sites of mutinous, while the Sudanese government announced that some areas of Kafouri and Riyadh neighbourhoods in the capital Khartoum witnessed a mutiny of elements belonging to the General Intelligence Service (GIS).

In the early morning of Wednesday Lt Gen Mohamed Osman al-Hussein al-Hassan, the Army Chief of Staff announced that the army forces managed to control the mutinous forces with minimal losses, pointing to the death of two military and four wounded, including two officers during the assault on their sites.

The Chief of Staff of the Sudanese Armed Forces stressed that the security system will remain cohesive and able yo overcome difficulties, praising the role of the Rapid Support Forces in the operations undertaken to control the rebellious forces.

Before al-Hassan’s statements, the head of the Sovereign Council, Lt Gen Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, announced that the insurgency had been thwarted. He added that the state will not tolerate those who tamper with the security and stability of the country.

He said that what happened “is a conspiracy intended to undermine the revolution of the Sudanese people before to stress that “the armed forces are determined to counter every attempt to abort the revolution and will protect the transitional period. “

Al-Burhan who accompanied by the Prime Minister stated that the armed forces “will confront every attempt to abort the revolution, and will not allow any coup against revolutionary legitimacy.”

The President of the Sovereign Council emphasized that the country’s airspace has been reopened to civil aviation and citizens can carry out their daily activities normally.

For his part, Prime Minister Abdallah Hamdok praised the Armed Forces and the Rapid Support Forces and saluted their efforts to quell the mutiny.

He stressed that “the Sudanese model based on the solid partnership between the civil and military components is advancing steadily towards building and providing a solid experience to the region and the rest of the world.”

In statements made from Juba where he is for talks with the armed groups, Gen Mohamed Hamdan Daglo”Hemetti” accused the former head of the intelligence and security services Salah Abdallah, known as “Salah Gosh”, of being behind the “security chaos” in Khartoum and some other cities.

Hemetti also criticized the GIS Director Abu Bakr Dumplab and accused him of negligence in dealing with the crisis of the personnel of the Operations Department, pointing out that he spoke with him about reports about movements within this group and warned him against this rebellion. but Dumplab assured him that the situation was under control, he said.

This mutiny is the second armed foiled coups, since the collapse of the al-Bashir regime.

On July 11, 2019, the Sudanese authorities aborted a coup attempt and arrested at the end of July 2019, the former Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Hashim Abdel Muttalib Ahmed, several army and intelligence officers, and a group of leaders of the Islamic Movement, on charges of planning and participating in the attempt.



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