FDC’s Byamugisha: I’m fit to challenge Museveni in 2021

Moses Byamugisha

New presidential contender, Moses Byamugisha, says it is now been 18 years since he joined politics after being recruited during the Reform Agenda days.

“Over time, we have been working and growing alongside strong men and women who have inspired us to do the donkey work that will bring about change in this country,” he told NBS television.

Byamugisha said he has garnered the necessary experience and knowledge the forces of change would like.

“From the FDC party where I come from, the dominant view at the strategic thinking level is that the Museveni we know can’t organise an election he is willing to lose.”

Victoria University

Byamugisha said his decision to participate in this race is not hinged onto the idea of being declared a winner and garner lots of votes.

“We should try and utilise chances like these to go out and mobilise the public on things beyond elections.”

“I enjoy some very unique privilege; the state will not use a lot of force on me like they would on a strong contender from the FDC.”

Byamugisha said he has not yet explained to the FDC but they are yet to understand what he is doing.

He said there have not been many good examples in this country where a good young leader rises and tries to challenge the status quo both from within the party and outside.

“My responsibility is to run a transparent operation. At the end of the day, I hope FDC will release a road map. The party is under task and this will be proved with the way they treat young leaders.”



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