Bebe Cool knows nothing, says Ssenyonyi


People Power spokesperson, Joel Ssenyonyi, Tuesday evening stirred a live TV storm after demeaning singer Moses Ssali aka Bebe Cool by playing on his Intelligence Quotient [I.Q].

“I don’t understand why Bebe Cool is here in this segment,” lashed out Ssenyonyi during NBS TV “Barometer” show.

He added: “He doesn’t understand anything. He wants to talk about the law which he still doesn’t understand.”

The two and other panellists were discussing the question of Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine’s presidential consultations and music shows which are still being disrupted by police.

Victoria University

Joel Ssenyonyi: Bebe Cool doesn’t understand this topic, he shouldn’t have been here.

Bebe Cool: I’m a son of a politician. Bobi Wine is not here because he doesn’t understand the topic.

Bebe Cool would not have Ssenyonyi down playing his intelligence but Ssenyonyi remained unapologetic.

According to Bebe, Bobi Wine should only sing without talking politics at his concerts.

He warned that he will retaliate in case he sees someone pelting him with bottles.

On President Museveni meeting musicians, Bebe said: “They are Ugandans. What is wrong with the president meeting them?”

He threatened to release list of opposition members who go begging at State House.

“I want to applaud President Museveni, Bobi Wine’s family can go on holiday in New York,” he said.

Ssenyonyi who was not done yet, squashed Bebe Cool’s idea that Bobi Wine should just sing without talking politics.

Ssenyonyi explained that there are different genres of music.

“Some sing about love, events of the day and politics. Someone is free to do what they have been doing. If someone says there is adifference between Bobi Wine and Kyagulanyi…I don’t understand.”

“President Museveni goes to music concerts of other musicians. Why does he then stop Bobi Wine from doing the same?”



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