63 Mayi Mayi militiamen surrender to Congo army

A fighter in the jungles of Congo

Armed Forces of the Democratic Republic of the Congo [FARDC] says it accepted the surrender of 63 Mayi Mayi rebels.

Major Gen. Ndjike Kaiko, spokesperson for operations Sukola 2, North Kivu, said on Monday, January 13, that 63 Nyatura elements surrendered to the FARDC.

They are militiamen from the Nyatura Kikingi active in the Nyamaboko group, Gen Kaiko noted.

He said the militiamen surrendered with 13 AK47 rifles and 1 RPG.

Victoria University

They surrendered themselves to the military command of the 341st regiment of Kikoma, village in the Katoyi sector, Nyamaboko group.

ADF threat

During a press briefing held on Tuesday, January 14, General Kasonga, spokesman for the FARDC, assured that all the mechanisms were activated to deliver the final blow to the ADF, of which only one remains active leader in our territory to neutralise.

Congo military helicopter also inspected an overview of the FARDC target area, territory invested by ADF terrorists, along with Major Mak Hazukay, spokesperson for Operation Sokola 1.



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