Singer John Blaq in US visa woes

John Blaq

On Tuesday, Uganda dancehall artist and songwriter, Sizza Man, lashed out on social media at promoters who demean musicians, telling them to instead hire their relatives to perform for them.

He then shared a picture of singer John Kasadha aka John Blaq.

“Stop putting Ugandan musicians down, give the visas to your relatives they will come and perform for you,” Sizza Man wrote on social media.

He said for some people, boarding a plane is an achievement and that when they met sharp people, they turn shame into anger.

Victoria University

“Immigration is not a joke to play with some one’s name like that,” he noted, telling them to put themselves on the posters and sing if they think it’s easy.

“You who is in USA, why do you need someone who is in Uganda?” he wondered.


Dancehall music new kid on the block, John Blaq reportedly clashed with a US based promoter Baker who decided to go on social media claiming the singer’s visa had been cancelled.

Then it emerged a whistleblower had turned him in for declaring wrong intentions regarding his travel to the USA.

Promoter Baker accuses Blaq of double standards claiming that after he had been booked and paid, the singer instead went for a higher-paying gig.

Baker told Bukedde TV that he hired Blaq for three concerts starting April 24 to April 26th to Boston, Texas and Washington DC, respectively.

He reportedly paid Shs5.5m for the shows and Shs2m to another party to help process his visitors’ visa.

He further claims to have hired halls for the event at $2500, a non-refundable fee.

“On hearing that, we informed the embassy that the singer was traveling here on a visitors’ Visa and without a work permit. We told the embassy that we no longer needed him and his Visa was revoked. I dare him to come and counter this claim and I will buy his ticket in first class,” Baker told Bukedde TV.

But Blaq told Big Eye entertainment website that he has not been paid a single coin by anyone.

He is also confident his visa still stands and can travel anytime he wants to.

Another booking?

There are reports saying Blaq already entered an arrangement with organisers of the Uganda Diaspora Culture and Tourism Event (UDCATE), under former UNAA President Monday Atigo.

Atigo told Next Media’s NilePost that they signed a contract from last year with Blaq.

He is scheduled to join the crowded Convention market by competing on Memorial Day weekend at the end of May.

That weekend already has two Bi-annual cultural Conventions (BBNAC – Buganda Bumu Convention and Twegaitte International (Basoga Convention).

Daily Monitor’s Sqoop Magazine quoted audio in which they claim the singer denied the visa issues and asked to be left to rest since he had returned late from a show.



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