Imam suspended for unknowingly wedding man

Sheikh Mohammed Mutumba and Richard Tumushabe [in wedding dress] disguised as a bride Swabullah Nabukeera.

Sheikh Mohammed Mutumba, the Imam of Kyampisi Masjid Noor mosque in Kayunga District, has been suspended from his clerical work for mistakenly wedding a fellow man.

The regional Kadhi, Sheikh Abdul Noor Kakande, told Daily Monitor that said Sheikh Mutumba, 27, was under investigation.

Sheikh Isa Busuulwa, the head Imam of Masjid Noor of Kyampisi, said they are trying to preserve the integrity of their faith.

Sheikh Mutumba has been one of the three Imams of the mosque and spent about four years preaching in the same mosque on top of teaching Islam to children.


Sheikh Isa was among those who attended Sheikh Mutumba’s wedding reception at his grandmother’s home in Kyampisi Trading Centre.

Sheikh Mutumba would then take into his marital home Richard Tumushabe disguised as a bride Swabullah Nabukeera.

It was after ‘Nabukeera’ was arrested for theft that it was discovered the “bride” is actual a man.

Amisi Kibunga, the Kyampisi mosque bilal, told Monitor he saw Sheikh Mutumba’s ‘wife’ on two occasions at Juma prayers but said it was hard to discover that he was a man.

“The bride” had a sweet soft voice and walked like a woman and also always dressed in either gomesi or hijab.

Monitor visited Sheikh Mutumba’s rented home but neighbours said they had not seen him in four days.



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