I’m God, Kamwenge man tells flock of his new religion

Emmanuel Nuwabigaba

A man in Kamwenge district has started a new religion where his followers worship him as the “true God”.

Emmanuel Nuwabigaba told NTV that he is the true living God and therefore has to be worshipped.

His religion is founded on the principles of the ruling National Resistance Movement [NRM] Party.  

The church is based in Biguli township, Biguli sub-county, Kamwenge district.

Victoria University

As per the rules of the new church, Nuwabigaba’s followers wear yellow attire emulating the colour of NRM.

The flock worships him as God. He also conducts marriages for his followers.

During Holy Communion, members of his congregation eat biscuits and drink wine.

Nuwabigaba claims to have special powers and can see through people.

“People started referring to me as a god, so I also felt it myself. I am God.”

He says other religious leaders started chasing him from churches claiming he is a wizard.

Some of the followers

“Museveni gave us the freedom of worship. I can convert people from other political parties into NRM supporters,” he told NTV.

But Kamwenge RDC Godfrey Mucunguzi said they have started investigating him for stopping people from going to hospitals.

“He prays for them until they die. He has very strong boys who are beating people around,” Mucunguzi said.

He added: “If these allegations are true, we will close that church.”



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