Uganda listed in 52 best places to visit on earth


The New York Times has listed Uganda among 52 greatest places to visit this year 2020.

The American media house put Uganda on No.30 of the 52 best places in the world, calling it a primate capital and birder’s paradise.

Landlocked in east-central Africa, Uganda has long been in the shadow of Kenya, Tanzania and other countries more popular with visitors on safari.

But the “Pearl of Africa,” with its own rich wildlife, is set to become more accessible, thanks to the resurrection last summer of the country’s national carrier, Uganda Airlines.

Victoria University

Uganda is one of the world’s primate capitals, with 15 species (four of which are endangered) and the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park, a renowned mountain gorilla sanctuary.

The UNESCO World Heritage Site, in south-western Uganda, is home to roughly half the world’s mountain gorillas.

The park’s gorilla-trekking safaris limit contact to eight visitors per gorilla group per day, and proceeds from their trekking permits go toward conservation efforts and protecting the animals from poachers.

The dense forest mountain park, which ranges in elevation between 3,810 feet and 8,880 feet, also features a scenic waterfall trail framed by ancient ferns and wild orchids, and is a birder’s paradise, with 350 species of forest birds.

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